Windows 8.1 is Here

Although this is generally a fix release, it does provide some important improvements.

  • Variable, Continuous Size of Snap Views; You have more ways to see multiple apps on the screen at once. When displaying multiple apps at once, you can easily resize the width of the app window to suit your needs. Depending on screen size and resolution, you can even share the screen with three, or four apps on each monitor.
  • Boot to Desktop; You can now configure Windows 8.1 to boot directly to the desktop after logon.
  • Desktop and Start Screen; Improvements have been made to better support users who prefer a mouse and keyboard experience to access applications.
  • Improved Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer 11 improvements include faster page load times, side-by-side browsing of your sites, enhanced pinned site notifications, and app settings like favorites, tabs and settings sync across all your Windows 8.1 PCs. Internet Explorer 11 now includes capability that enables an antimalware solution to scan the input for a binary extension before it’s passed onto the extension for execution
  • Broadband Tethering; Turn your Windows 8.1 mobile broadband-enabled PC or tablet into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing other devices to connect and access the internet.
  • Wi-Fi Direct Printing; Connect to Wi-Fi Direct printers without adding additional drivers or software on your Windows 8.1 device, forming a peer-to-peer network between your device and the printer.

Robert McKay Jones

I have spent more than 25 years working hand in hand with clients in creating custom software applications that improve and enhance their operation, productivity and visibility.
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