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Comcast Blocking Access to Web Sites

I have been experiencing problems accessing web sites from home. My ISP is Comcast.  I have discovered the problem.  Comcast has recently implemented DNSSEC – Domain Name System Security Extensions.  DNSSEC validates web site domain name settings with a fine tooth comb. In many cases this fine tooth comb is filtering out sites which you would think should be a-ok.  Sites like (the Microsoft Exchange Online web site or (the State of Massachusetts web site).

It all has to do with DNS Servers. A DNS Server is like a phone book that gives you the number associated to the name. If you can’t associate the name (URL) to the IP address (Phone Number), it can’t make the call.

In researching the problem, I discovered that DNS could not resolve these URL’s.  That means that when the computer looks up the URL in the DNS Servers to get the associated IP address to call the web page, it can’t find the IP. It can’t find the IP because access has been denied by Comcast’s DNS servers.  It has been denied because Comcast now uses DNSSEC to validate URL’s – theoretically for improved security.

The problem is that many web sites do not yet comply with DNSSEC validation rules.

If you are experiencing issues accessing certain web pages, check out the site using this tool: and enter the web site in question. If you see all green lights, the site is ok, if you see red lights, the site may not be in compliance with DNSSEC validation rules.

Feel free to call Comcast, but get yourself to a supervisor quickly, the underlings, as nice as they are,  don’t have a clue.

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The Responsibility of a Business

There is a movement afoot for businesses to become more conscious. That is, instead of the single objective of profiting the shareholders, a conscious business has the responsibility to other stakeholders. Stakeholders include the customer, the community, the employees, the environment, and the quality of life.

Sprouting up around us all are grass roots organizations that are working to change the way businesses conduct themselves as part of our society. Some call it conscious business or conscious capitalism. If you google these terms, you will find many web sites and many books on the subject.

A question you will see asked is why do businesses have the rights of a citizen when they do not hold the same responsibilities? Why are they not held to the same standards? Why do they not operate on the same moral principals that we hold so dear to our hearts as citizens in our community, our country and our world?

In Massachusetts, you will find the Conscious Business Roundtable, a group started by Lisa Hamaker of Kaliday Marketing which meets regularly to discuss how businesses can prosper by conducting themselves for the benefit of all those around them, not just their shareholders. You will find the Conscious Capitalism Institute, founded by Dr. Raj Sisodia and supported by the likes of Whole Foods, The Container Store and others.

Internationally, you will see other organizations cropping up that seek the same objectives. This is not a fleeting concept. It has been around us for many years and is growing. Keep your eye out for it. Be open to it. Support it. It may just change the way people do business and change the world as a result.

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