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WhiteboardMobile Get’s Personal!

We have heard that WhiteboardMobile would be valuable for not only your entire organization, but also you personally.  We have added a new feature that allows you to post messages that will be seen by you and only you.
Send an email message to and that message (WBit) will be marked “for YOUR eyes only”.�
Send an email message to and that message (WBit) will be marked “for your company’s eyes only”.�
So your WhiteBoard becomes more than a company board, it becomes personal!
Thanks for your response.  Please continue to send your comments and requests!

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Introducing WhiteboardMobile℠!!!

For years, we have been converting whiteboards to custom software applications.  Why? Because whiteboards are inefficient, ineffective, limited, available only when on site, prone to unintended erasure and generally ugly.  So it is our clients who have asked us to create software to eliminate the use of their whiteboard by creating something that is available at every workstation or remotely through a web site or remote access. 

Our latest project WhiteboardMobile provides our clients a custom Headline News whiteboard that is available to their intra-company subscribers (employees, salespeople, field workers, vendors, or even customers) which can be viewed on PC or mobile. It allows our clients to send alerts to the whiteboard simply by sending an email to with the headline as the subject and the message the body of the email.  Based on the senders email address, the news headline (almost like a tweet on Twitter) will automatically appear for all company subscribers to read no matter where in the world they happen to be.  Each subscriber authorized to publish headlines will have an avatar (picture or icon) which will identify the source.  You can set this web site as the default site in your browser.  You can also schedule the loading of the WhiteboardMobileperiodically so that you can be assured your staff is reviewing it frequently.  Need to let everyone know of an important visitor?  Post it to WhiteboardMobile.  Need to alert staff about an upcoming construction project?  Post it to WhiteboardMobile.  

When you (as a subscriber) login to WhiteboardMobilewith your security code WhiteboardMobileremembers the headlines you have read and displays those that you have not at the top of the list so you know you won’t miss out on important news.

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