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Increasing International Business

Do you conduct business with consumers or companies beyond our borders?  Are you interested in reaching out to foreign lands. You might consider attending Leveraging Your Website To Increase International Sales, More than a half-dozen speakers will team up to present this 2-day seminar on today’s business environment.  Scheduled for June 9 and 10 at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge.

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Bill of Lading

A few weeks back when I was in an office of a client, I found an IBM Selectric  typewriter on someone’s desk.  When I inquired what they used that for, I was told they used it for Bill of Ladings .  I was aghast.  People actually use these things to produce documents? Apparently they do.  So I headed back to the office and dug out my Bill of Lading PDF and posted  it on my web site.  There it shall remain for all to use.  Please, I beg you, let’s ban the typewriter from day-to-day production use.  They are for young children to play with and eventually break.

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