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Donating Time

For the past few months, I have been donating some of my time to the Sterling Historical Society (SHS) helping get a web site going again and trying to make it easier for people to learn about the Historical Society and join in.

I have been blown away by the dedicated group of folks that donate their time each and every week taking care of things, giving tours, writing newsletters, researching, managing the books and much more.  Sterling, Massachusetts has quite a history and it is all documented at the SHS on Pine Street in Sterling.  For the past 50 years, an incredible history has been documented by the Society in photographs, pottery, chairs, art, clothing, maps, letters, books, records and more.  It really is quite amazing.  I love the local history and Sterling has quite a story to tell. Click on the picture for a bit of a slide show through time.Heart to for more information.

I feel good about donating my time to this organization and hope to accomplish some great things, but most of all, I hope to learn a great deal about our community and it’s history.



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TRI Live Cam

If you are interested in the view out one of our windows, have a look at  It is a real-time video feed from our conference room window into our parking area looking East and Route 12.

We have a Dunkin Donuts in our plaza, so it can get pretty busy.  This cam is especially helpful in the winter to see the conditions during a storm.  It also tells us something about our offices.  It tells if we have power, if we have Internet connectivity and if the office is in tact. 

Lastly, it lets us see the healthy people using the handicap parking spot.

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