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iCloud Means iMoney!

Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch users upgrading to IOS-5 will have many new features including iCloud, the subject of the article. iCloud is not free, well not really.  Only 5gb of space is provided free of charge.  Most of us have more than that on our Nano, let alone iPad.  If you are like me and have near 60gb of space tied up in music, photos and videos, you will likely spend $100 per year for the iCloud service.  Now that isn’t a terrible, but it is a consideration. 

iCloud is free for the first 5gb, $20 per year 15gb, $40 per year for 25gb, and $100 for 55gb.

You can see the price schedule on Apple at this link.

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Somehow Sorrow Is Just Not Enough

It is a moment of real sadness. We seemed to all know this man that gave us a new way to look at an apple, a new way to use a phone and a new way to be inspired. Steve Jobs who climbed high, fell down and climbed even higher, out of shear will and courage. He will be remembered. Probably always. With the vision of Walt Disney and the tenacity of Teddy Roosevelt, he made his mark on mankind. He touched us all. Somehow the world seems a little less wondrous. A light has gone out. I hope to see a new star in the skies tonight because sorrow is just not enough.

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