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Given the Choice…

Our blog face has changed. We purposely fly our flag in a conflicted sky. On one side, we have the threat of a darkness with a stormy and damaging outcome. On the other, the sky is open to the sun and the stars shedding light on everyone and everything. What will it be? Doom and gloom? Or hope and faith? Here is one view.

Big business, big banks and big government have wreaked havoc and devastation on America. It’s been nearly a century long hurricane of greed and deception. The malicious gluttony and self-indulgent hunger for wealth and position has overtaken this great country and overshadowed our ideals. The deterioration and ineffectiveness of our educational system hinders our children and grandchildren and threatens our future.

Is there anything that can bring us back? Are there any heroes left? Who or what will save this nation? Wal-Mart? Novartis? Sandoz? Pfizer? Merck? Bank of America? Goldman Sachs? Citibank? J.P. Morgan Chase? Cardinal Health? UnitedHealth? Kaiser? Exxon Mobil? Chevron? Home Depot? Dunkin Donuts? None-of-the-above? You are correct, none-of-the-above. These companies are killing us or helping us go broke or stealing our future or investing in the blinders that cover it up. Or all of the above. Meanwhile we perish in blind apathy.

Ah, but there is hope. There is a super-hero. It is you. It is me. If anyone can save this nation, if there is any hope at all, it lies with little people and little business. It is our community. I don’t mean the next door neighbor. I mean community – whatever that might mean to you. It might be your towns-people. Your buddies at work. It also means your Facebook friends, your Tweet-buds or your blog readers. What can one person do? It all depends on how much that one person cares. It depends on wanting to do the right thing. It hinges on passion and conviction. It’s just a decision.

So decide then act. You can control the weather in your own community. Push the clouds away and cause the sun to shine. Your light will help us all see better.

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