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In August 2011 we were redefining our mission and vision for TRI. Although similar in emphasis, the mission seems closely aligned with the symbolism associated to the Peacock. This picture was taken by Robert Jones during a visit to the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida.

The Peacock smbolized incorruptibility vision, protection, watchfulness, good-will, nurturing, guidance, kind-heartedness and integrity.

We identify with the peacock in our quest to serve our clients.  For that reason, we have selected this image as our home page image on

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Apple is Taking Flight!

Apple is constructing new headquarters and it looks like it may have flight capabilities.  Being built in Cupertino, CA this looks to be the most awesome building ever. It will be constructed on 175 acres near I-280.  Said to have 2.5 million square feet, it will have a 1,000 seat auditorium, fitness center, a power plant, and underground parking.

Breaking ground in 2015, it will be home to more than 12,000 Apple employees.  For more pictures, click here.

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If you don’t know it, you can’t see it

The date was 1942; the location was Muroc Army Air Field (today Edwards Air Force Base). Whenever it was on the ground, the P-59 jet was fitted with a fake propeller for the sake of secrecy. A day came when test-pilot Jack Woolams rented a gorilla suit and took off in the jet wearing it along with a big cigar protruding from his mouth and a derby hat on his head. Once airborne, he found a lone P-38 pilot, pulled alongside, giving the P-38 pilot a clear view of the jet and gorilla suit, then waved. The next day when queried at the local watering hole, not a single P-38 pilot had seen an “escaped gorilla” or knew anything about it. The explanation: why of course, it must be that P-38 pilots could only see what they believed was possible.

We find our clients often in the same state of mind with new technology. If they don’t know it, they can’t see it. That is where we come in. We know it, we can see it. We help our clients imagine the possibilities we can create. It takes an open mind and trust. Together we can create amazing things because all things are possible.

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