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TRI Has A 24/7 Emergency Number

Google Voice is a new service from Google allowing you to select a telephone number and connect that number to one or many phones. You can use it to provide a single point of contact – a single number – to connect to many phones – land, mobile or IP. It is a free service unless you are making international calls with the service. So what can you do with it?

This is what we have done with Google Voice at TRI. We have set up a new number. An easy to remember number that will not change. It is 747 (like the jet) – 333 (make up something) – 8743 (TRIF). (747) 333-8743. Cool, right? So how does that help you? It is an emergency number when you need help NOW. That one number will reach out to ALL of us here at TRI no matter when you call or where we are. Someone will either answer or respond to that call within 30 minutes regardless of time of day or day of week, month or year.

You see, at TRI, we have all kinds of telephone service; land-line, cable, IP, toll-free, mobile, fax, skype, sightspeed and home telephone service. There are oodles of ways for you to contact us. But sometimes that in and of itself is a problem! It can get a bit frustrating We understand that sometimes, you just need to talk with someone, anyone, and you need to talk to someone now. Well this is how you can do it. Call 747-333-8743 and all our phones will ring. Someone will answer immediately or respond within 30 minutes. This is a bold commitment that won’t be free, but it will be there if you need it. We have also provided a direct connect to this number using your computer, find it on our contact page at

For more information on Google Voice, check out the many videos at

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Price of Healthcare? Or Executive Compensation Out of Whack?

If you want to live in a 28,000 square foot home like this, take the job as CEO of one of our health care companies. Could the regulations be questioned? The law states: “Compensation is not excessive if reasonable”. Read it for yourself here.

New temporary regulations for non-profit health care compensation were issued in 2001. How is it working? Judge for yourself. Here are some annual compensation figures from 2008 for the CEO’s of our nations largest health care providers:

  • Aetna – $23 Million
  • Caremark RX – 78 Million
  • Cigna – $25 Million
  • Coventry – $14 Million
  • Humana – $10 Million
  • United Health – 13 Million
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts – 3.5 Million

In the case of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the compensation represented a 26% increase when net income fell49%. Add to this the options available to these executives and you can see pretty clearly that something is broken. Bill McGuire of United Health has $1.6 billion in options. Ron Williams of Aetna has $174 million. Ed Crawford from Caremark Rx has $249 Million, Joel Gemunder from Omnicare has $110 million.

I’ll leave the commentary up to you.

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