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Roman Empire?

Banking reform, is it working?  Are we witnessing similar Roman Empireissues as existed in the fourth and fifth century AD?   We have all learned the history.  Is it similar?  We have a CEO compensation equity issue similar to the health industry.

Is this only the tip of the iceberg?
What is reasonable?

What is right?
Is that for us to decide?
Are we stockholders once removed?



Here are some of the staggering incomes:

  • Wells Fargo CEO; 21.3 Million
  • J.P. Morgan CEO; 15.5 Million
  • Bank of NY Mellon CEO; 14 Million
  • Bank of America CEO; 4.2 Million
  • Capital One CEO; 6.1 Million
  • American Express CEO; 17.4 Million
  • CNA Financial CEO; 10.4 Million
  • Mastercard CEO; 10.3 Million
  • Visa CEO; 13.7 Million

The fact is that these people earn more in an hour than many of their employees make in a year. The same holds true for Walmart, Yahoo, Johnson & Johnson, Phillip Morris, AT&T, CVS, HP, Exxon, Abbott Labs, Travelers, Lincare, Prudential, Brystol-Myers, Aetna, Hess, McDonalds, American Express, Coca-Cola, Heinz and Dow Chemical.  More in an hour than many employees make in a year.  See here for more CEO’s that fit into this category.

Is there a silver lining?  What does it mean that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google earned $245,322 in 2009.  Does Eric have a new vision? Eric?

Here is an interesting read:

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Rumblings Inside Apple

Do you listen to the water-cooler chat about the latest and greatest news about our iDevices? I do. And there is some more chatter this morning. iLove my iPad!!!!

  • First, Apple has kept on a major portion of their Holiday staffing at their stores. In anticipation of what?
  • Second, Apple is restricting vacation time between the last week in January through the first half of February. In anticipation of what?
  • These seem indicative of something brewing.
  • Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Fortune all report iPhone for Verizon will be released January 2011
  • The release of the new iPad is expected imminently. Features such as camera-equipped, Face-Time Video Chat are expected.
  • What will that do to the stock price? The stock price has doubled in 4 years and is still on the climb

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