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The Infrequent Traveler

Is it right that managing a big chunk of time – off – requires a Herculean effort in planning, preparation, notification, organization and contingencies? No matter how organized you are, you need to plan for not being around. So this trip was no different. But it was. It was going to last for more than two weeks. A feat not experienced in more than 35 years.
The nervous stomach was just beginning to wane after the planning, packing, repacking, and the struggle with security at the airport. Which is always tense. It would be different if you travelled all the time. You get accustomed to tense situations when they occur regularly. But this is not a regular situation. We aren’t commuting to work, we are flying in an iron tube designed for falling from the sky. Add to his the desire some extremists have to see this tube driven into very large buildings and all that causes and we have a pretty abnormal circumstance.
But off we go, rallied into our quarters like cows to their milking machines. Why do we do this to ourselves. Are we not in charge of our own lives? Do we not control our own destiny? Why does man put such constraints on other men? Why do we not provide ourselves with the same freedoms as say an eagle. Why don’t we deserve the same majesty and freedom? Oh, I know you’ll say because we can’t fly. We weren’t designed to soar freely from place to place. We were created for other great things. So we suffer these indignations so that we might achieve things more important.
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