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Are you a WINNER or a LOSER?

A list of 31 characteristics are listed for winners and losers. Below are the top 12. The gift here is that you can move things from one side to another.

For the complete list, click here:

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Our Core Values

Welcome 2010.  In this new year, this new decade, we believe it is our values, more than any other attribute that will move us towards the goals we have for our company, our people and our clients. Our talents, capabilities and range of services are all important aspects of our differentiation, but at our core are these values. They lay the foundation for our business; the byproduct of which is our success, reputation and legacy. Without the dedication to these principles we cannot flourish, we cannot prosper.

We would hope that all companies, large and small, rededicate themselves to the basic principles of humanity and fair play. It is right. It is proper.

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